Financial Problems in Switzerland Following Purchase of Fabrika akumulatora Sombor

30. Jul 2020

Controversial businessman Dalibor Matic paid EUR 7.35 million, but received EUR 63.7 million from a Swiss investment fund?

Owner of “Galens”, Sanja Petric, Buys 205 Parcels on Fruska gora

29. Jul 2020

"There is a bigger fish swimming behind"

Chetnik Voivode Attila Found Legally Insane and Won’t be Held Responsible for Attacking Citizens

28. Oct 2019

Branislav Vakic won’t be held responsible for threatening the crew of the anti-war film “Albanian Women are our Sisters"

Promenada Without Clear Explanation of the Incident Involving Fire Alarm

06. Jan 2019

“Imagine something had happened…"

“PROMENADA” AFFAIR: NEPI Again Illegally Releases Underground Water, Inspection Reacts

28. Dec 2018

The question asked by “Gradjanska Vojvodina” still relevant

VOICE: Investors Open Promenada without Use Permit

14. Nov 2018

The investigation showed that some works were conducted without necessary permits

VOICE: All Murky Waters of Promenada

07. Nov 2018

One promise made, another fulfilled

NEPI Claims Everything is Done in Accordance with Permits, Gradjanska Vojvodina Refuses to Believe

31. Oct 2018

"Everything has to be clear to the last detail, because it concerns the life of the citizens of Novi Sad"